Monday, 30 September 2013

Back on line

I'm back on line at last which should make the blogging a bit easier. First off I will have to catch up...
A grubby start to this day didn't detract from the sightings of Snipe, PF Goose, Skylark and a Northern Wheatear that, I presume, is passing through.
On the way to our next stop it was trying really hard to start raining but despite that we got some decent views of three Golden Eagle circling over a hill. When the rain started they disappeared. Another couple of Wheatear were seen and a small group of four Yellowhammer - a bird I don't see enough of!
A WT Eagle was heard calling and located perched at the top of a tree. The bird did the right thing, took off and flew straight over the top of us!
Another two, adult, WT Eagle were seen at the next stop. A scan across the loch gave us some views of Kittiwake, Eider, RT Diver and winter plumaged Black Guillemot. A male Hen Harrier was a superb sighting for most of the guests as it hunted the hillside and ate it's catches on a post. A couple of Adder were seen but they are getting difficult to locate. Every sighting of these reptiles could be last of the year now.
Two more Golden Eagle were located sitting on a hill while we viewed two more WT Eagle at fairly close quarters.
Otter was the only thing we hadn't seen so an elusive one was a welcome sight but this was quickly followed by a more obliging beast.
Golden Plover, Dunlin, Turnstone and GN Diver were all seen but the sighting of the day, for me, was a pair of Grey Wagtail - another cracking day out.

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