Monday, 21 March 2011

A mixed bag.

Friday wasn't too bad early on so I headed out for a quick look around. It was a bit breezy if you got in the wrong place and cold with it. My first stop gave me a decent view of an Otter just in the process of bringing a fish to shore. A couple of snaps of that...
...and one of the Heron that was on the same strip of land.
I had a quick look for Adders but it was pretty cold in the wind so I left before too long without seeing anything of note. As I travelled back down the road a couple of Golden Eagle were flying about so I headed off on foot to try to get closer. I got some cracking views but not prolonged enough to get the camera out. A skein of geese heading North but distant I presumed were Pink-feet but they never got close enough for a proper ID unlike these resident Greylag Geese.
Two White-tailed Eagles were sitting watching the day go by and keeping an eye on each other too.
As a regular breeding pair it was no surprise that they were checking out the same areas and keeping close company.
Saturday I was out on tour in the sunshine and we started the day off nicely with splendid views of an Otter fishing in the shallows. Other highlights for the day were WT Eagle perched up and in flight, a few Golden Eagle, another Otter, Crossbills, Adder, my first Grey Wagtail of the year...the list goes on. The camera didn't really see the light of day except when we stopped to look look at a few Sheep on the hillside!
Plenty of Buzzards along the way, Eider ducks and a nice finish to the day with a Red Deer stag and stunning views of a Great Northern Diver eating a crab.

Sunday we had the Yellowhammer in the garden again but the day was a bit of damp squib with a fine drizzle falling all day.
Monday morning has been a little bit eventful with lovely views of a Curlew on it's breeding territory, Skylarks singing, a small flock of Crossbills to greet us at the shop...

...and best of all a strafing run by a hungry Peregrine. So a nice few days but a shame about the photos!


Den said...

Hi Bryan,never going to be critical of photos,really pleased you put them on and take the trouble with your blog which I am sure lots who read it are grateful for.

Bob Bushell said...

A good series of birds and animals.