Saturday, 5 March 2011


Everybody is after a bit of spring at this time of year - is it here or not? What constitutes the start of the season? I don't think it matters too much but you can certainly see the changes coming - Hazel and Willow trees are covered in catkins, the resident birds are starting to sing and some of the birds that travel in the Winter are starting to make their return journeys. The last few days have been a bit on the dull side with occasional bright spells but the wildlife is still out there doing it's stuff. Hooded Crows are a delight to watch as they start to pair up and stick close together when they are foraging. You might ask why there is only one bird in this shot and the answer is the other bird is just out of frame on the left.
I keep mentioning the Little Grebes around the shore but it's difficult to get close enough for a photo. This one has come into summer plumage - nice.
The Crossbills are still showing well but in smaller numbers. I had to follow this one from one tree to the next before I finally captured the bird on the chimney!
Another sign of things heading towards spring was the return of a Pied Wagtail but better still was the arrival of 16 Whooper Swan for an overnight stay before heading off North.
A couple of Redwing this morning were the first I have seen this year. Three Otters were nice to watch as we headed out this morning but best of all was this Red Deer that was having it's breakfast just outside the garden.
As for spring - this is the best spring I've seen up to now;-)

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