Thursday, 10 March 2011

A bit wild.

The weather did what it was supposed to do over the last two days so I didn't bother to struggle against it. Wednesday we got up to a real chilly wind and a dusting of snow.
Don't be fooled by the clear skies as the next shower is just round the corner.
Thursday the wind picked up and the main ferry from Oban was cancelled for most of the day but once again the showers just pushed through all day.
We certainly had all the weather in one day with sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow and hailstones all on offer. I had to get out there to blow the cobwebs away and it was surprisingly productive. Most of the birds that took to the skies had a go at flying backwards for a bit, the ones that sat on the sea would never keep their hair (if they had any) dry as they were regularly swamped, the ones that stayed on the ground stood in the sheltered areas. I drove though a heavy shower and as I came out the other side I scanned around and picked up two Golden Eagle effortlessly cruising about in the wind. 
I also picked up my first Meadow Pipit of the year while I was watching the Goldies - top notch. The Common Seals were not impressed by the combination of high tide and high wind and spent their time bobbing about in the waves. The wildlife was out there if you took the time to look but the weather was the real winner of the day.
If you prefer a moving picture here's a video too - a bit wild.


Kah-Wai Lin said...

A beautiful place:)

Kah Wai

Russell Jenkins said...

It would be wonderful to see eagles scanning that place!