Friday, 19 February 2010

Otter fixation

Yesterday was a cracking day with clear skies and no wind. I had the intention of hunting out a WT Eagle or two but I got waylaid by otters! I'd bagged a couple of male Goldeneye, Little Grebe, Buzzard, RB Merg and the odd Grey Heron before I came across the first Otter. I'd spotted the tell-tale ripples from a fair distance so I made my way towards it. He was still fishing in the loch when I got level with him.... ...just before he decided it was time to get out. He came ashore for a quick dip in fresh water to clean the salt from his fur but, like quite a few Mull residents, he found his water supply frozen!He headed off in search of a better supply.I headed off when he disappeared from sight and bumped into the mum and two cubs about five minutes later. So much for the eagle hunt! I set up the gear again and waited for an opportunity. While I was waiting I scanned the loch picking up 2 RT Diver, 5 GN Diver and a couple of Guillemot plus another Otter heading towards me and two more in the distance - WOW!
Mum with two cubs eventually hit the shore and I took a few snaps but the light wasn't right and a crowd was gathering. I'd tested the video option on the camera, I posted said video yesterday, so I turned around and headed back to base before heading off again to see if I could get more video without being disturbed. I certainly hit lucky when I located two Otters close to shore but I would have to do some stalking to get a decent video. I'll let you decide! 
I was delighted with that so I, foolishly, thought I'd try it out on the Adders too. Despite the sunshine it was only about 3 degrees and the Adder didn't want to move at all so here's a still Adder.
No chance of getting any birding done today as we are off to Newcastle tonight. I'm hoping to get a few year ticks while I'm down there but it's doubtful as we are only there for the Saturday to see the kids!


Phil Walton said...

What a way to end the week!! The otter vid was great. Thanks for sharing.

Den said...

Yes really nice photos as usual and really good video great that like Woollly said you share them with us.You certainly see lots of Otters.
Are the ones you see mostly on shores of Loch Schridan?

Goshawk said...

Love the videos, keep em coming.

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