Sunday, 14 February 2010


With the last three days taken up with shop duties it was nice to get out in the field despite the showers. A sunset from Wednesday night is the best I can offer from the last few days.
We headed for Loch Buie today for a change of scenery and the best we could get were a few of the exotics. A field with a few Turkeys in, 3 Peacocks....
..and a few Swan Geese!!
It wasn't all bad though. The feeders that we came across were alive with birds like Chaffinch, Coal Tit, Great Tit and Blue Tit. 
The sun shining through the raindrops on the trees provided a bit of a spectacle too.
We headed for Duart Castle just to soak up the views and all of a sudden things started to appear. A WT Eagle was in the top of a tree surveying it's territory. Checking the Sound of Mull we picked up a few Black Guillemot (in Summer and Winter plumage), double figures for Common Guillemot, a lone Common Seal and the odd GN Diver too. Best of all were two birds approaching at speed across the Sound but miles out. It took one of the birds to bank around for me to realise they were both adult WT Eagle. I followed them in the scope and suddenly one of the birds picked up the pace and dropped towards the water, the feet dropped and it came back up carrying a fish - superb! The downside of all this was we were watching the birds over a distance of about 2 miles - no photographs there then!! On our way back home we picked up two Golden Eagles that were pair bonding, giving chase across the hillside and another lone bird cruising the ridge about four miles down the road. Photographs? I can give you another exotic that crossed our path!

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Andrew Kinghorn said...

I would have ticked thoose Swan Geese, look wild enough to me hehe