Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wet and dry.

Another dreich day turned up some quality sightings but low on numbers. We started the day by having a look at the roosting Tawny Owl.
A top quality Otter sighting next with the beast coming ashore almost immediately after finding it...
...and then having a good clean.
Another couple of Otters were welcome sightings as we travelled in the rain as were the three WT Eagles sitting it out. The Mistle Thrush flocks are busy plundering the berry harvest at the moment...just look at the rain though!
We also had a superb sighting of a Sparrowhawk perched up. As you can see it was there long enough for some photos.
We managed to find a couple of Hen Harrier but bird of the day, for me, was my first Bar-tailed Godwit of the year - 151 for the list.
A much better day for the next tour which gave us a good start too. An Otter was spotted plus the BT Diver put in another appearance.
Male Hen Harrier - need I say more?
The sightings kept coming with Golden Eagle being mobbed by Common Buzzard, Mountain Hare, another male Hen Harrier, three Whooper Swan and this Golden Eagle that was checking to see if we had any food!

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GWW_Milo_02 said...

amazing sightings Brian! what a place!