Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some small stuff.

Another cracking day out was started with a tip off about 3 Otters. We set off to the location and picked up a single Otter on an islet eating a fish before picking up the mum and two cubs - here are the cubs riding piggy back on mum.
Catching fish and bringing them ashore gave us better views - what a treat!
A couple of year ticks were a bonus for me. A group of about six Long-tailed Tit were seen in passing and a Grey Plover was seen flying off later in the day. The camera never came out for the rest of the day but two WT Eagles, a single Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier, six Golden Plover, Sparrowhawk, another Otter and Mountain Hare all added to the day.
A bunch of photos of common birds...Common Gulls are moulting into winter plumage.
The humble House Sparrow is a dying breed for some and very common for others - does anyone look at them? A male bird is always good to look at...
...but so are the females.
You can never see enough Linnets...
...and you may even find a Twite or two amongst them.
If you want a bird to look smart and have some attitude then look no further than the Starling, a fantastic bird to watch.
Dunlin and Ringed Plover are the common waders on the beaches - most people don't see them until they fly off but they are worth looking for to get good views.
Rooks breed on Iona but come across to Mull foraging - just a big, black bird - look at the range of blues and purples when the light catches them!
Just in case you thought the plot was being lost, a WT Eagle against the blue sky.

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