Thursday, 6 September 2012


A surprise find while viewing the WT Eagle youngster was a Grey Wagtail. It was never close enough for a decent shot but it's a cracking bird.
We had brief views of a Common Seal before locating an Otter. We had prolonged views of this before moving on. Our next find was another Otter heading in the opposite direction. As we watched this Otter swimming along it met up with the other Otter. All hell broke loose as the Otters went face to face - lots of chittering and splashing about.
We moved a bit closer just in time to get them coming ashore...
...before crossing the road to disappear into the woods. The scrap was a bit of a shock for some but it's just the way things work in the wild. We had another WT Eagle, a couple of sightings of Golden Eagle, Tawny Owl, a couple of yearling Adders and finished off with a cracking Red Deer stag.
Another cracking start to the next tour as we picked up a male Hen Harrier then a female within minutes of each other. Ten minutes down the road and we were watching an Otter! We kept pace with the otter until it came ashore with a fish - nice!
A herd of Red Deer filled in the time while we waited for some eagle action. Two juvenile WT Eagles were seen perched and in flight before they disappeared as two Golden Eagle turned up - result! Next up was a WT Eagle fight. A pair of WT Eagles took umbrage at the presence of a strange adult (Green O) in their midst. Both birds had a go at the imposter but it wasn't until one of the birds locked talons with it that it decided enough was enough. Green O is an East Coast bird.
A quiet spell after the action but not for long. A young Adder was seen after a search but an adult performed much better.
If this is the same Lizard that I have photographed recently it seems to have got rid of the ticks.
A few migrant birds were around too with plenty of Ringed Plover, two Sanderling, a couple of Wheatear and this Whinchat.
Rock Pipits are always a pleasure to watch but getting one with the sun shining on it tops the lot.
We must have seen about eight Mountain Hare but they were all on the alert. Should I stay or should I go?
Red Deer stag - what can I say?!

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