Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Two good days - is it possible to have a bad day? After picking up the first of the guests we bagged a WT Eagle and a Golden Eagle. With all of the guests on board we located a couple of WT Eagle and a Yellowhammer. A search for Otters was difficult in choppy water but we eventually found one. With a couple of changes of location we got cracking views as it came ashore.
A female Hen Harrier, 8 RB Merg, Tawny Owl and three sightings of Golden Eagle got everyone on an even score. Most days you get to see Gannets but it's never easy to get close enough for a decent photo - this one wasn't too bad.
Hen Harriers had been easy through the day but there was much appreciation for the male bird we located at the last stop.
The Mountain Hares are easy to get on the grassy areas or on the sand so this one sitting in a more fitting place was good to see.
The next day was a bit tougher but all the relevant species were seen in windy conditions. Our first good sighting was an Otter that showed well but a bit harder to get a good shot.
A couple of juvenile WT Eagle were seen but they disappeared from sight fairly quickly. A fly past from a Grey Heron while the camera was in my hand got captured.
All of my regular breeding Barn Swallows have moved on but there are still plenty to see feeding themselves up before they depart.
We had completed the day with views of Red Deer, Mountain Hare, Hen Harrier and quite a few other species but the Golden Eagle had complete the 'must see' list for the guests.

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