Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Five of the best.

September begins - one tour - five photos. We could have wrapped things up in the first hour as we started the day with, not one, but two Otters.
While watching one of the Otters bring a flatfish ashore an adult WT Eagle put all the birds up and landed in a tree behind us!
We managed to see both of the juvenile WT Eagles flying in the distance too. The usual suspects were taken in as we found them. A quick visit to the Tawny Owl paid off.
We'd seen quite a few Buzzards along the way and they set the scene quite nicely for an encounter with it's big cousin - Golden Eagle.
We had both of the Golden Eagle flying around, a single Adder, 4 Red Deer and a Common Lizard while we had lunch. Another bunch of common birds in the afternoon and 3 Red Deer stags to finish the day in style.

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