Wednesday, 26 October 2011

When cameras go bad.

I'm trying to catch up with the blog posts but until BT sort out my line I'm struggling a bit.
Friday was a bit of a nightmare for the camera and the weather wasn't the best either. Our first sighting of the day was a young WT Eagle having a bath in the loch - superb to watch. We headed to a different viewpoint for a better look only to arrive just as the bird took off. It was flying towards us so I grabbed the camera, switched it on, pressed the important button.....NOTHING!!!! Press again, nothing, switch it off, switch it on - yes, I'll work but I'm not focusing on that!!
Yeah, I wasn't happy with that either. We were lucky enough to find another WT Eagle so I tried again with the camera and managed to get a better result in the poor conditions.
Otters were the main request for the day and we had a few with one close encounter. Guess what the camera did...
I gave up on the camera after that despite the opportunities that were there.
I didn't touch the camera again until Monday morning as this Buzzard presented itself. Camera out, button problem. I love technology me!

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