Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hubba hubba!!

The hub has arrived!!! Hubba hubba;-)Monday brought a bit of a change in the weather and we actually saw that yellow thing in the sky! Don't get too excited about it though - it won't last. Less than a minute after getting everyone on board we were trying to catch up with three Hen Harriers that had took off from the side of the road! We got good views of one of the birds before it disappeared. We had a good view of an Otter making it's way along the shore before we picked up a showy Bullfinch.
Another shot at the Otter was worthwhile as was the distant Golden Eagle tussling with Ravens. With the sun shining nicely we headed off to get better views of Golden Eagle, got that and another Hen Harrier plus some good views of Buzzard and Kestrel. Cracking views of a WT Eagle after that and then we bagged a couple of Adders.
The star of the day was a Mole that we found wandering down the side of the road - awesome!!
We'd already seen a few skeins of Barnacle Goose heading South but we managed some closer views in the afternoon...
 ...and the local Greylag Geese tyring to get in on the act too.
Our last stop of the day produced another Hen Harrier.
These Red Deer were picked up just as I was heading for home - another quality day out!

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