Thursday, 2 October 2014


After picking up the guests we were driving past the shop and I noticed, what looked like, some debris in the water. We were thrilled to find a Red Deer stag swimming towards the shore!
There are plenty of Redshank in with the rest of the waders and high tide is the best time to get a good view.
With no sign of any WT Eagles to start with a second pass through the area produced 3 of the big fellas.
A couple of Golden Eagle and another WT Eagle were seen but they were outclassed by the views of Buzzard through the day.
There were plenty of Golden Plover migrating south but the views of these birds were always distant. Mountain Hare and a single Swallow were both welcome sightings. A couple of Sparrowhawk were seen - the first was a quick fly past but the second one put on more of a display.

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