Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sticking your neck out

Another pleasant run out started off quietly with a few of the common birds with Common Whitethroat, Golden Plover, Greenshank and plenty of Stonechat being the highlights.
A look for Otter was interrupted by a close view of an adult WT Eagle flying past.
While we watched it soaring away two Golden Eagle put in an appearance. They all managed to do all their circling right in front of the sun!
Only a mile or so down the road and we clapped eyes on another three WT Eagle. They were a bit distant but when they started interacting it became a lot more interesting. Quite a bit of touching talons went on and you can see how far they can stick their neck out!
You could also see that they were sub adult birds with similar wing moult going on.
A Slow Worm was a good find on the day. There were plenty of Swallows still to be seen, Linnets are gathering into flocks...
...plenty of Skylark...
...and the Adders are still showing but it looks like they may be thinking about hibernation soon.
We managed to catch up with a couple of Hen Harriers and when we thought one of them was sitting on a post we all jumped out to find it was a Buzzard. You win some, you lose some!

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