Monday, 28 July 2014


When the temperature soars into the twenties you have to be realistic about what the wildlife will do. When it gets hot the wildlife goes quiet so a bit more patience is required. We started the day with the Golden Plover flock, Grey Heron, Curlew and other birds along the shore. The loch was quiet so we had to be content with the commoner birds. We hit lucky with the WT Eagle as it flew in as we arrived on site and then flew off just as we were leaving. A search for Otters was fruitless but we did get nice views of a couple of Common Seal.
There was a decent breeze blowing when we stopped for lunch and we watched a pair of Golden Eagle flying around and doing their roller-coaster display.
We had another lucky break with a WT Eagle. We had just climbed into the motor and just about to drive off when the gulls started calling in alarm so we jumped back out see this adult bird flying overhead - awesome!
Our good fortune continued with some cracking views of Raven flying past...
...A couple of Dunlin, male Hen Harrier and an Adder too. An Otter was found right at the end of the day so that was a bonus. I busied myself with taking a few snaps of the Common Tern that was fishing along the coast.
A Hooded Crow was too hot to move so he made the grade for the day - off for a well earned pint after that!

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