Thursday, 31 July 2014


It was a tremendous spell of hot weather but all good things come to an end. A Buzzard shot in the sun just before it melted...
...and a Dunlin in the heat haze.
The rain came to dampen things down, replenish water supplies but it also keeps the island green. It may even help the likes of Hen Harrier to find food as their prey gets flooded out.
It certainly keeps the eagles in one place as you can see from this bedraggled WT Eagle.
The rain never lasts for too long so the Buzzard was the sunny shot again.
Cooler temperatures are better for Adder sightings as they will bask more often. Too hot and they will head for the shade.
More overnight rain gave another opportunity to get a close look at the WT Eagle but at least there was a bit more light.
Golden Eagle sightings have been pretty good but there is distinct lack of young this year but when it takes 5 years to mature it doesn't matter too much if they have a bad year. Last years youngsters are still around.
Otter sightings have been pretty good most days but we still miss out now and again. A mum with two cubs was a surprise find on one of the tours as I hadn't seen any activity in the area for a while.

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