Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Back to normal.

Before I set off to pick up the guests for the day a pair of Common Crossbill were feeding at the top of the conifers - we did see a couple later in the day too.
A bit of a quiet start to the day but it wasn't too long before we found a WT Eagle perched in a tree.
A couple of RT Diver were fishing on the loch...
...and while we watched an Otter surfaced just behind them. We decided to wait to see if the Otter would come closer - the reward was worth the wait!
It was a bit drizzly as we headed for the Adders but we still found one out in the open - you can see the droplets on the Adder.
While we tried to get better views of two Golden Eagles that were perched up another Adder was found crossing the track.
A visit to the beach was fairly productive with nice views of Ringed Plover, Rock Pipit...
...and Rock Dove.
A Small Tortoiseshell was soaking up the heat on a piece of wood at the edge of the beach.
Another WT Eagle was found peering over a ridge...
...just before we had good views of Skylark and a Mountain Hare.

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