Friday, 23 August 2013


No honeymoon period apart from taking the Sunday off and then straight back into the tours. Normal service will return soon but for now there are just the photos from the tours...plenty of Cormorant sightings but most of them are too far for photos.
An Otter cleaning itself on the shore was a treat but no Otter the following day.
The Hooded Crows are starting to gather into bigger groups now the young are fledged.
A couple of sightings of this Hen Harrier were worth the chase.
I have no idea what this WT Eagle is carrying but it was taking it back for the youngster.
We still get the occasional sighting of Common Crossbill but getting a female...
...and a male sitting at the top of a tree long enough for a view through the scope was a treat.
The Golden Eagles were a bit of a struggle but our persistence paid off when two birds took to the air...
...and one of the birds came in for a closer look.
We saw this Adder shedding it's skin on the first tour and seen it in it's shiny new form the following day.

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Adelai said...

All the best people don't have honeymoons! We just managed one day off work I seem to remember. Love to see more of the wedding photos though.