Sunday, 29 January 2012

Not a lot.

There doesn't seem to be a great deal happening out there at the moment. We had a bit of a wander round in various locations and turned very little of interest except for Red Deer.
A Coal Tit and a Blue Tit at the top of a tall conifer were of little use so another Red deer will suffice!
A walk on the beach was a bit more productive with a few Herring Gulls, one GN Diver, a couple of Shag, plenty of Oystercatchers and a flock of 12 Reed Bunting.
Corvids always provide good entertainment so a flock of Jackdaws were a real treat. Apart from the amusing antics the colouration of these birds changes with the light so you can go from monochrome... a bit of colour... 'are you sure that's the same bird?' Cracking birds though.


Wilma said...

The last shot of the jackdaw really shows the lovely iridescence of its feathers. I like the "monochrome" shot too.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely Jackdaw shots. A place on my 'want to visit' list.