Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dark skies.

Tuesday started with dark skies but rather than do something useful I headed out to see what was about. First stop was for a WT Eagle that was showing well against the dark sky.
As the bird disappeared over the ridge I thought I might have a chance of another view if I drove round the corner. It didn't work but a couple of Hen Harrier plugged the gap nicely. An Oystercatcher flew onto the shore just below me and posed for the arty wave shot!
I could see brighter skies in the distance so I headed for the sun. I caught up with one of the two Lapwing that are spending the winter here...
...and a Red Deer in the shade as the sun warmed things up.
The temperature was up to 10 degrees so I had a quick look for Adders but there was, thankfully, no sign. Another WT Eagle picked up in the distance put some effort into giving me a good view... it cruised past and off into the distance.
A good check of the loch was worthwhile as I picked up a couple of RT Diver, six GN Diver, three Kittiwake, twenty Razorbill, ten Guillemot and two Slavonian Grebe! That was just the first scan as I picked up an Otter and another WT Eagle on the second pass.
The cloud came back in to dull things down again but the sightings continued with another group of 7 GN Diver, plenty of Common Seal, another three separate Otters and two Woodpigeon (the first I've seen this year)! 


Wilma said...

Love that lapwing. I have yet to see one in person; they seem so exotic to me.

Bryan Rains said...

Isn't everything exotic until you see it regularly? You can't beat wildlife for that sort of experience.

ebm_gww said...

another great blog Brian, cant wait to go back up to the magical island in march :-)