Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

As you can see from the photos below we are pretty well snow covered at the moment. There is traffic moving about the place but I have no desire to join them - I'll just enjoy the view. I took these photos this morning as the sun was getting up. First off is the view to the North.........the view to the West........and finally the view to the East....It was a cracking morning but there has been another inch or so of snow this afternoon with more forecast. Hopefully this will stay till Christmas! I've spent the day trying to photograph the birds at the back of the shop with mixed results. First off the local Robin having breakfast......and the same bird waiting for lunch - it's non-stop in this weather!The Coal Tits were too quick and Donald Dunnock wasn't coming out to play so I had a go at the Collared Doves instead...Last but not least the cheeky Chaffinch....As the blog title says Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for reading!

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Thing said...

Great set of photos Bryan!