Friday, 13 March 2015

March - In like a Lion...

...we'll see if it goes out like a lamb!
I still have ongoing problems with BT and their broadband so I'm doing this post at the shop. When it takes four hours to get connected you don't want to be writing a post as it's usually time for bed at that point! Enough of that.
The gales at the beginning of March had a plus side as a Ring-billed Gull turned up in my garden - result!!
The following day it was outside the shop.
A single Adder was seen on a sunny day but this Blue Tit singing was a much better photo opportunity.
More wind followed and made the waterfalls into water-rises!
You wouldn't think that this Reed Bunting photo was taken while the wind was blowing through at 40mph - quite calm at ground level.
Still only a single Adder on show a week into March - so I may have to find another site for them.
On the plus side I did see a couple of Common Lizards on the same day.
It was a lovely, calm, sunset that evening.
After the sun went down I picked up BB and headed out into the dark to search for Barn Owl - we were not disappointed.

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Wilma said...

A blustery spring, for sure! Great photos; glad you found the barn owl.