Wednesday, 4 March 2015

End of February

Can you believe February is history already?! There is nothing exciting happening on the wildlife front except that slow crawl into spring. There is something new every day - it might be another species of bird bursting into song, the Collared Doves getting frisky or the Crossbills eating shells on the shore!
You can't fail to be impressed with the splendid male Red-breasted Merganser - he has already won his mate.
I have seen my first bunch of frogspawn at the end of February plus the Primroses are starting to emerge.
The Treecreeper becomes more obvious for us during February and it's nice to get a shot of one being the tree mouse and scampering up the tree trunks.
The WT Eagle will soon be on the nest so they have less of the wanderlust and spent quite a bit of time flying around together.
I have seen quite a bit of this young Golden Eagle over the winter and it seems to like stirring up the Buzzards - come on if you think you're hard enough!
The year list stands at 89 species while PWC scores are 61 species and 73 points.

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