Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Home and away

An exciting time over the last couple of weeks. We had a quick trip down to Newcastle to see the family but I did manage to see the Golden Eagle being released before we left Mull.
It was nice to catch up with a few different birds while we were away - Purple Sandpiper, Coot, Moorhen, Shoveler...
...and Great Crested Grebe.
Back on Mull the Grey Herons are always good to photograph.
Some birds have nested already but some are just getting ready to settle down to breeding. This Buzzard seemed keen to use seaweed as a nest lining!
The first Northern Wheatears have arrived so spring is on it's way but there is still time for a bit more snow.
It was nice to see a sub-adult WT Eagle flying around outside the shop the other day.


John said...

good to see you back Bryan. cheers again for involving me in the release of "Bud". have there been any sightings , up dates etc ?
keep up the good work and i'll hopefully see you later in the year .cheers, John .

Unknown said...

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