Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Family

I had a nice start to the day when a male Hen Harrier was flying around outside the shop...
...then a few Red Deer wandered across the road.
A bit later in the morning I had a superb encounter with a family of Otters. They were just hauling out of the water when I caught sight of them. One of the cubs looked like it was suckling at one point but seeing them trying to sleep on mum was a bit special.
They were almost scared off when a Shag surfaced nearby then took off with a clatter but they soon settled down again.


Wilma said...

Wonderful otter shots. I love seeing all your wildlife on Mull.

PMBrem said...

Yup, those Otter shots are a bit special Bryan. You're a lucky man to have the opportunity to experience such things pretty much on your own doorstep.

Postie said...

NEW ?? Family

Nice photos