Monday, 16 November 2009


I've not been out over the last few days so nothing to report from then! I thought I had better make a bit of an effort today just to keep the blog running. The weather wasn't the best for going out but at least it wasn't raining when I left. First on the hit list was this Buzzard that was just minding it's own business.......too much wind and not enough light. the RB Merg numbers are starting to build up but it's still small flocks as a rule. A count of 9 together in the middle of the loch and two lots of 4 skirting round the edges was the best I could do. A handy tip for bulking yourself up is to sit tail first in the a treat! I only saw one of the two Lapwing that are frequenting the place, a couple of Greenshank, no sign of the Golden Plover (they don't seem to like the wind much) and plenty of Grey Heron in the shallows. There are quite a few Common Seals in the loch - I had at least six close in - not too sure what they are after but they are sticking around. You never see them with food so it must be small stuff they are eating. The GN Diver numbers aren't growing either so I was happy to see three of these in the hour I was out. The first Otter I picked up would have been a good one to photograph as it was busy wrestling with a sizable Dogfish. I did make the effort but a one second exposure through the scope isn't going to produce anything good! Another group of 4 Mergs were loafing about the shore but they soon made tracks when I stopped to get a quick shot.Another dog Otter on the return trip was a welcome sight as we had recently lost the regular dog. Boulmer Birder reported the loss of a dog Otter at Cresswell, Northumberland recently so I hope that they manage to get another one on territory as quick as we did.

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