Saturday, 1 December 2012


I set off to have a look across the water as the wind was light so the loch should be flat enough to see a reasonable distance. I could see at least six GN Divers with the naked eye but there was an Otter out there too so I headed for a good vantage point - good views of the Otter but I got a wet backside in the process. It was the divers I wanted to get a look at so I had a scan around and picked up 15 birds quite easily with a couple of distant possibilities. Two of the GN Divers were having a bit of a disagreement with one bird virtually running across the water to intimidate the other bird.
I could see there were two Otters just along the shore from where I was so a bit closer was required. A very alert Grey Heron watched them swim past as I headed for a closer view.
Peer over the top and see some serious relaxing!
Vehicles passing on the road are a good distraction...
...and all too soon they were on their way - sweet!


Bobbster said...

Good to see the Otters up close and sticking around for the photographs, great images

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers, Bob. It was a treat.