Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I've not had too many chances to get out in the field recently for various reasons but I have had the camera to hand when I've been out. A wet day produced a good sighting of a young White-tailed Eagle... this Buzzard a hard time all for a mouse/vole. The Buzzard kept it's meal.
I also got some nice views of a Hen Harrier hunting the marsh.
Better weather always turns up something decent. A Buzzard was hunting on the ground probably looking for worms and beetles.
I had a male Merlin fly past the car about five yards away but there was no chance of a photo. The bird did land but it was severely back lit. It was nice to see six Golden Plover hanging out with a small flock of 30 Lapwing.
A small bird perched on the grass was difficult to identify until it took flight which revealed the white wing patches of a Stonechat.
There are still plenty of Kestrels about but they can be quite nervous and keep their distance so this was nice to capture.
One that most people will ignore is the humble Rook. Great birds with loads of character.
It's difficult to go anywhere on Mull without seeing a Grey Heron so I gave it a quick shot on my way home.
I'll take the opportunity to thank everyone who reads the blog and the comments are always nice to see. Have a jolly Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Fiona said...

Happy Christmas to you and Joy, Bryan. And thank you for the pleasure your blog gives me - I rarely comment becasuse I don't often have anything to say other than 'Wow!' about your beautiful photos but I check for a new entry every day and always enjoy (except for the adders).

lapland said...

Happy Christmas to you both. We too really enjoy reading your blog so keep posting in the new year.

Mick and Sylvia.

Stuart said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours Bryan, your blog keeps me in touch with a place I love, keep up the good work.Stuart

Adelai said...

Have a brilliant Christmas Bryan. your blog is an inspiration and I look forward to each new post. I've just got a new camera so look forward to some sharper pics when we see you in Feb. Gill

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan,
Merry Christmas to Joy and Yourself - wishing you both a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Catch up next 2013.
Kind Regards

Malcolm & Norma

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks to all for the comments and best wishes to everyone for the New Year!