Friday, 3 August 2012

Too nice.

The last bits of July were a bit quiet on the bird front but the big stuff usually performs well. Here is a selection of the supporting cast starting with a Black Guillemot.
Blackbirds are quite common on the island but they can be hard to come by.
Oystercatchers are that common that they can be overlooked - they are always good entertainment though.
Black-headed Gulls are not that common so they are a delight to see now!
The Red-breasted Mergansers breed here and a brood of ducklings is a superb sight as they fire off like miniature speedboats.
Love them or hate them, the Adders have been a real treat this year.
Now is the time for the Mistle Thrush to come out in force. It's not unusual to come across flocks of these in double figures.

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