Friday, 17 August 2012


A trip out to take some folk to Ulva turned up a couple of goodies. First off I had to drive past an Otter that was showing well but worse was to come. Not doing a wildlife tour I put on some regular shoes but I couldn't resist a look around. I only found an Otter and had to get a bit closer - wet feet but worth it!
A Hooded Crow looked like it was waiting for me to take a slip and become dinner - no chance.
Enough of that and back to the proper stuff with proper boots on;-) Two WT Eagles and a Buzzard on a pole - what more could you want? It was just the Buzzard on the pole though.
An almost Otter turned out to be a Black Guillemot. We got some cracking views of Golden Eagle sitting on the ridge before it dropped out of sight. While viewing the Adders the Goldie reappeared and the camera was in the motor. Ruuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnn - click, click, click....rubbish, it's too far away now!
The best moment of the day was when one of the Golden Eagles rose from the ground with an Adder hanging from it's bill - you won't see that every day! We saw quite a few Kestrel through the day but the close one was the best.
A cup of tea while watching a Hen Harrier and a couple of Stonechat was a treat.
We filled the last part of the day with a whole bunch of birds. Twite bathing...
...Ringed Plover making sure the Dunlin can sleep in peace...
...Rock Pipits showing off their giant feet...
...Swallows collecting nesting material...
...and a big ginger rabbit! It's a busy world out there.

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