Friday, 11 June 2010

Wildlife rules...

Blogger is starting to really annoy me now. I can't just put the pictures where I want and then when you get them in the right place they sometimes disappear to the bottom of the page! It's driving me nuts!! The weather has been pretty good in comparison with the rest of the country as we have had a bit of rain on Tuesday and a bit of rain today and the rest was hot and sunny (sorry folks). Enjoy the photos with very little words with an amalgamation of the last four days in no particular order.
The Otters have been showing well doing cute poses that make people go ahhhh....
...and also 'He's got a big one!'
The Red Deer are starting to look normal again as the antlers start branching out.
The Orchids have burst on to the scene in the last couple of days with Heath Spotted, Northern Marsh, Lesser Butterfly and Fragrant (below) all out now.
Where there are flowers there will be butterflies. Lots of Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary and Small Heath but this Small Copper is just tremendous.
There have been lots of views of both types of eagle in flight but this WT Eagle being harassed by Hooded Crow shows the size difference well.
Greenfinches were thin on the ground for a while but they always reappear in numbers - another bird that is underrated if you ask me. How good does he look?!
Another plant that will be seen everywhere but largely ignored is the Marsh Thistle - what a beauty.
Here is a picture I've been after for a while now. It's still not the best but it's a real showy bird with it's flight display and buzzing call - lets hear it for the Lesser Redpoll!
That's me caught up with everything again without too many swear words so I'm doing what this Redshank is doing - leaving.


Phil said...

Very nice post Bryan. Love the shot of the Redpoll. Blogger drives me mad as well, it's not exactly user friendly is it!

Den said...

Stick with it Bryan feel sure we all think it is worth it to have your blog and photos.

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers guys. It's easier to change the format of the post than to fiddle about with the photos! As long as I can put the photos on I'll be happy.

Brian R said...

Its the main reason i gave up the blog Bryan, so frustrating not being able to control or find out why i could not respond to some other posters.

Canny photos as ever.