Sunday, 6 June 2010

A mixed bag.

Friday was another cracking day for the weather and the wildlife. I'll just rattle through the pictures that were taken on the day as we had all the usual success. We spotted this Cuckoo from quite a distance away then had closer views as we stopped opposite the bird before finally getting out of the motor and looking at the finer points in the scope. It was superb to watch the 'cuckoo-ing' and also watching the Meadow Pipits mobbing it.
Not too long after that we picked up a large raptor in flight being mobbed by two Herring Gulls. It was a bit of a chase to get into the right position to get good views but we found a safe place and had the juv WT Eagle circling in front of us - superb!
Our next stop was graced by the presence of a Golden Eagle. Once again the bird put on a real show with very close views initially before it drifted away.
In the afternoon the temperatures were soaring around the 28 degrees mark! I was quite surprised to find an Otter asleep on the shore as they are prone to hiding away in the higher temperatures. Even better was the Otter we found next. She chose to climb out of the water right next to us - stunning views!
Last but not least we were serenaded by a Skylark at the roadside - beautiful.
We'd had the usual round up of the flowers on display but not really any time to photograph them so I went around on Saturday to get a few shots. I'll let you enjoy the flowers and name them underneath (if I'm wrong, let me know).....
Bell Heather


Germander Speedwell.

Northern Marsh Orchid.


Yellow Pimpernel.


Den said...

Hi Bryan thanks for all your interesting blogs and photos.

Wilma said...

Great flowers. I think you got our warm weather, it was chilly here on Friday and a little on Saturday.