Monday, 5 January 2015


A steady start to the year with a bit of birding from the garden. White-tailed Eagle was the highlight but it was distant while in the garden there were plenty of Goldfinch...
...and a few Blackbirds too.
It was a bit dull today but as I was sent on an errand I took the birding equipment with me too. A cracking Golden Eagle was seen hunting by the road.
It's not too often that you see them perched on a post but it does happen...
...and if you are going to get yourself noticed you will get some unwanted attention!
No sign of the WF geese today but there was a 200 strong flock of Barnacle Geese.
Plenty of Rock Doves on show... lots of Rooks and a few Jackdaws.
I had driven past these Common Seals in the morning but I gave them a closer look on my way back.

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