Monday, 25 February 2013


The posts have been a bit thin on the ground this month but if there isn't much going on...anyhoo...mornings can be productive. The first birds I see every morning, at the moment, are a Buzzard that perches up at the front of the house before settling into a tree round the back...
...and the other species is Hooded Crow - two of them see the Buzzard off every morning! The landscape will be changing a bit, over time, as a floating pier arrived so the forestry can be taken out.
There are still no Pied Wagtails on the patch but I did come across one on my travels.
Greylag Geese are all over the place at the moment...
...and the Skylarks are starting to reappear. I have a few Skylark outside the house and I have had some singing birds - what a fantastic thing to hear at this time of year.
There are still 25 Greenland White-fronted Geese hanging around but they will be heading back north next month.
The pier was soon in place and this shot shows the forestry that will be first to disappear.
Another treat was almost a disaster as I'd left home with no camera so when a Merlin was flying alongside the motor I was thrilled. The bird landed on an electricity pole there were stunning views to be had. I pulled out the Lumix to get a couple of snaps but the battery was flat and the spare was in my coat pocket back at home. Stupidly, I headed for home to pick up the camera and then thought it was unlikely the bird would still be there - how wrong was I?
I was pleased I went for the camera and only managed a few shots before the bird flew off!

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