Friday, 15 February 2013


Bit of a slow start on this one and you didn't want to spend too long out in the cool breeze. A couple of distant WT Eagle got the day off to a reasonable start and followed that up with a distant Otter. A Kestrel perched on the wires was the first chance of a photo but the bird was facing the wrong way.
A family party of Otters were next on the list but they didn't stick around for too long.
Another Otter on it's own was seen a mile or so further on while a Raven was having it's lunch.
It's not very often that you just see one Raven so here is the other bird that was watching the proceedings with interest.
Quite a few Mistle Thrush around at the moment but it's always nice to get a close one.
A Buzzard on the move...
...Grey Heron in the grass...
...and a scan round the ridges eventually turned up a couple of Golden Eagle. The only thing missing was a Hen Harrier - not a single one through the day. Lucky this one turned up to complete the day.

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