Monday, 28 May 2012

An Otters tail.

Thursday the temperature went up again to about 28C - too hot for me! Not too many chances of photos through the day but some good views of the wildlife. WT Eagles performed well, a nice GN Diver but the only view of an Otter was a tail disappearing over a rock never to be seen again! A splendid Whinchat posed on a post but I had no camera to hand. Two Hen Harriers and two Golden Eagle kept the thrills going and a Wood Warbler was a nice find. More Whinchat, an Adder, a dashing Sparrowhawk, a couple of Whimbrel and two Mountain Hares seen us through the rest of the day. The run back produced some good sightings with a WT Eagle hunting, we lost it and then relocated it tearing a Greylag Goose apart.
The heat haze didn't help with that one but the Common Gulls flying along the road came out a bit better.
We finished the day with some views of Short-eared Owl.
Friday there was no let up in the heat and it may have been a tough day but we got some awesome views. The Eider ducks were on the shore at high tide.
A couple of Red-throated Diver performed well but a GN Diver was a bit more elusive. We got cracking views of a Golden Eagle being seen off by a Hen Harrier. The Goldie picked up speed with no effort and the harrier struggled to keep up.
An adjustment of the wings and the Hen Harrier was left standing - good viewing for us!
The Adders were a struggle to see in the blistering heat but we did find one that had just shed it's skin and better still we found a young one too.
This youngster was on a mission and well capable of swimming the stream.
We checked out the waders and Mountain Hare and then it was back on the trail of the elusive Otter. Any sighting would have done but when we stopped to see what had caused some ripples on the water we had our target. We crept closer just in time to see this Otter surface with a large catch.
The Otter was kind enough to bring it's catch out right in front of us - what a way to finish!


Adelai said...

Wow Brian, that final shot of the otter is just amazing.

Christian said...

Brilliant Otter Brian.

Bryan Rains said...

Cheers Gill and Christian. I may have to show off a few more from that set!