Thursday, 2 September 2010

Smooth transition

The last day of August and the first day of September were two very similar days packed with good sightings. The Golden Eagles are showing extremely well and hopefully will continue.
Reptiles are not too far away from hibernation and sightings will reduce over the next month but we've had Adder, Slow Worm and Common Lizard over the last two days.
Insects are still around in abundance - this grasshopper was living dangerously as it was photographed next to the lizard.
A lot of the plant species will be dying away now but you can still see the likes of Butterwort, Sundew, Autumn Gentian and the heather is still blooming. The biggest signs of  the change in seasons is the Bracken dying away and the stags looking ready for the rut with fine sets of antlers and their shaggy manes appearing.
The Otters are still showing well but the weather has been good. I've not had many sightings of Otters sleeping in the open this year but maybe that will change with the season too.
The WT Eagle sightings should start to increase as the young birds start to move around. There will be an urge for these juveniles to travel and with a satellite pack on the local youngster we'll be able to see how our bird fares in her travels. I'll not leave out the small birds - the Wrens and Robins are back in song, the Crossbills are never far away, the migrant birds will be leaving and others will call in on their way South - exciting times!


Wilma said...

The change of seasons certainly provides lots of opportunities to a variety of flora and fauna. The antlers show off very well on the deer in the bracken. Great stuff, Bryan.


Goshawk said...

Bryan. Your superb blog is the main reason I keep coming back to Mull. I get my '4 day' fix in April or May each year, and that seems to deal with my Mull addiction. BUT then I come back and read your excellent regular blog and brilliant photographs, and within weeks of my return I am itching to get back. Keep up the excellent work. It is very much appreciated.

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks again for the comments.
Wilma - I'm looking forward to the Autumn colours and some of the vegetation dying back to do some landscapes.

Mal - It's a grand place to be and I understand the holiday scenario too!