Friday, 24 September 2010


A quick update on the kitty, Sula. As you can see from the photo she's settled in very nicely, thank you!
Wednesday was a bit of a poor day with rain in the morning and some clear spells in the afternoon but I was in Oban with Shop Lady to get the broken ankle checked out. Everything seems to in order so she'll get the plaster off in four weeks time - hooray!
Thursdays weather was a whole lot better with rain early on and the rest of the day was just stunning. On the way to pick up the guests I was lucky enough to have a sighting of a female Hen Harrier but we didn't see one on the tour! We started the day off with a view of a juv WT Eagle on the ground. We had good views of the bird before it took flight so we watched it until it drifted out of sight. We headed off in the same direction as the bird and managed to pick it up again in the company of an adult WT Eagle and an adult Golden Eagle. The Golden Eagle stooped at the juvenile WT Eagle which presented talons to protect itself and then touched talons with the adult WT Eagle too. It was almost as if the adult bird was congratulating the youngster in it's efforts. It was a tremendous way to start the day though. We picked up an Otter on our first attempt with a single beast out on the shore.When it moved off we managed to pick it up a couple of more times and then let it be. A mile further down the road we caught up with the mum and two cubs who were a whole lot more obliging. They were swimming along initially and then out on the shore with the youngsters being their usual boisterous selves. As you can see from the photo the mother Otter just gets on with things while the youngsters throw themselves around!
After a good two hours of excellent viewing we wondered if the day would quieten down. Nope! We picked up a single Pink-footed Goose in with the Greylags, a nice view of a couple of Red Deer hinds, plenty of Common Seals and this Buzzard hunting at the side of the road before we had lunch.
Just as we finished our lunch two Golden Eagles appeared and proceeded to give us a great display.
Better still were the views we got of a juvenile Golden Eagle being mobbed by Ravens. The young bird seemed quite curious of us and gave us some superb close encounters!
We'd picked up some good sightings of smaller birds with Siskin and Stonechat showing well but there was a distinct lack of Swallows through the day. The only hirundine that we saw was a single House Martin right at the very end of the day but we did get a migrant Northern Wheatear to spice things up a bit. The Skylarks were as obliging as ever...
...and the single Mountain Hare that we saw gave us an all round view as it munched away on the grass. A WT Eagle sitting in a tree was a good sighting but when it took off it was a real WOW moment. Naturally the camera was nowhere to be seen and the best I could manage was a distant shot of the bird after it had gained some height.
 It had been an easy day but they can't all be that way!!

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Wilma said...

Very cool viewing of the eagles encounter; I would have loved to see that! Sula is looking very happy - she sure landed in a good place. Glad the ankle is healing; that must be painful and inconvenient! I am envious of your sunshine -- we are having flooding in our neck of the woods at the moment, but at least our house is fine.