Thursday, 5 November 2015


I'm catching up with things eventually. A selection of photographs from throughout the month.

Bar-tailed Godwit is an annual bird on Mull but we don't get many.
 Black-tailed Godwit is much commoner.
 Some nice views of Red Deer through the month.
 Golden Eagle with a full crop.
 Golden Eagle on the hunt.
 Grey Heron sunbathing.
 Great Northern Diver with a flattie.
 Greenshank on it's own.
 Greenshank in triplicate.
 Hooded Crow is a popular bird.
 Raven having lunch.
 Skylark - look at the plumage on that!
 Sparrowhawk - just stunning.
 A migrant Whinchat.
 There had to a White-tailed Eagle too.


Wilma said...

Excellent photos. I've been missing you and Mull. Glad to see you blogging again.

Bryan Rains said...

Thanks, Wilma. It's good to be back but I need to catch up with everyone else's blog.

lapland said...

Love the triple Greenshank shot.